Send BOOM to BoomPool before 2019/09/25 14:00 (UTC), and lock in for 12 months. Your Boom will be unlocked and sent back to your wallet with staking reward on 2020/09/25 14:00 (UTC). If you stake 10000 BOOM in BoomPool, BoomPool will send 17000 BOOM back when staking is over. (Annual return 70%)

Attention (Read Carefully):

  • You send BOOM from wallet A to BoomPool, when staking is over BoomPool will send BOOM back to the wallet A, so pls do not use any exchange wallet as wallet A.

  • It is recommended to use a personal ERC20 wallet such as Bitpie or ImToken as wallet A.

  • The minimum staking amount is 10000 BOOM, below this amount will not get staking reward.

  • In every transation, 1% of transferred BOOM will be burned.

  • Once you submit your staking request and get confirmation email from BoomPool, you cannot request to unlock your BOOM until the staking period is over.